How SEO Ranking Is improved with Google Plus

Yes, it’s not Facebook. It is not even Twitter, either. But, Google Plus is a great social media tool because it’s considered professional—without being a bit too elitist like LinkedIn.

With the help of Google Plus, any website becomes prolific—and is one of the most important search google-plus-seoengine optimization sites around. Well, Google has still not admitted that there is a direct relationship between Google and Google Plus, but it’s obvious that there is a link because whatever you share on YouTube could also be shared on Google Plus, and vice versa, together with other Google products, as well.

For example, whatever is written in website, it won’t show up on Google Plus alone—you will be able to see it on Google Plus’s partners—with just the click of a button, making the whole thing easy and hassle-free!

Other important reasons why Google Plus could improve rankings include the following:

  • Anchor texts are given. And these are relevant anchor texts, mind you. This happens because every link posted on Google Plus automatically gets relevant anchor texts that show up as the title of the post itself. This way, your rankings would go higher without your posts being considered spam.
  • Some links are considered dofollow. This means that they’re interesting, so there’s really a tendency that people would follow and repost them. Now, your content will really be considered relevant, and people won’t think that you’re just trying to promote whatever it is that you are trying to promote.
  • Indexing of pages is super-fast. Google Plus, being owned by Google, gives the best page index—beating Twitter and Facebook, which means that your search rank here is pretty much everything you need.

Google Authorship

One good way of making sure that link has high search rank is by making sure that they use Google Authorship. Google Authorship will help you create sites that would have your name—or author Google Authorshipname—appear in Google Search results, which means that:

  • Website is accessible.Websites like show that a great website does not have to be filled with technical jargon. After all, if you really want to connect with your audience, you have to make sure that they understand what you’re talking about—so that you would be able to coax them to try your products and services out.
  • Link iFrame content separately. Google Authorship will also help you create well-optimized sites that do not have iFrame content. iFrames are usually not read by Google algorithm—which means you might not reach the search rank you want.
  • Guidelines will be followed. And of course, it is also important to make sure that whatever you post adheres to Google’s guidelines—and Authorship will help you make sure of that.
  • Make way for progressive enhancement. This means that aside from using HTML on the get-go, you could make use of other web enhancements that would make the page look good without destroying your content.

Links on the About Page

About PageSo many people forget to give attention to the About Page—you should never neglect it on Google Plus. See, the thing is that this page would help people understand why they have to add you to their circles and read your posts.

Well, how would people know that a company is offering affordable SEO services? By posting about it on their About Page, of course! They didn’t go down the route of having to describe everything about themselves—but they made sure that they have added the right links, and said what they could expect from the site!

Great Content

They don’t just copy and paste—that’s a big no-no.

What you can do to make sure that people will read your posts and that they’ll keep coming back to your site is make sure that you post content that’s short, but meaningful. Add a viable keyword or two, and don’t forget the link to your site. Maybe, you could even open a giveaway every once in a while just to let the interest going—and that’s what company like SEO Explode does.

They’re Active

In order to provide potential clients with the best Search engine optimization services, SEO companygoogle+  makes sure that they have not only created a Google Plus account, but they actually are active. It’s all about being content—being prolific. If you cannot do the posting yourself, ask help from someone you trust.

In being active, it would also be helpful if you could study a bit. See which titles sound good—and get enough attention, see which images are being used, which fonts are eye-catching, etc. Just check how everyone else is posting—what they’re putting on their pages, and see how you could use their techniques for your own posts!

They Are Accessible

And finally, it’s not just all about being on Google Plus, but really responding to questions or comments—but without trying to trump down people’s opinions.

Simply put, they are professional enough to know how to deal with comments and suggestions. When your followers know that you’re there—you’re human, and not just a bot, and because of that, so many people trust the website! One visit, and you’d already know how much they care!